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If you go to the top right corner on the back office you should see a circular icon which when clicked should show a drop down menu containing My Profile. Click on the tab and you should be taken to a page that shows a tab called Payment Methods. You would enter your payment information on that page. You can use PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, Zelle and Credit Card Payments to accept payments from referrals

We include your username at the end of your links so you can get credit for those who sign up under you. So just changing the username can resolve that issue. You can either change it from your profile or contact support so we can change it for you

Always ensure you get paid before you confirm any payments. Make sure to go into the payment source and ensure you see it and once you do you would go into your pending payment and mark it received or not received.

No worries. Just contact support and we can get that fixed for you and have them marked unpaid.

You can head on to the training tab on the left to get a ton of guidance and advice on what you can do to use the program to earn!

Yes they do!

You can log into your account and click on the tab on the top right corner that says Quick Links and then navigate to Billing Portal. All you need to edit a subscription or cancel it , is the email your subscription is under and an order ID(which should show on any of the receipts you get via email). If you are unable to find the order ID contact us on support and we can help!

Yes ! You can simply go to the Ava Basic tab and under the sub tab that says CHAT you should see a list of all your leads. You can simply toggle from AVA to YOU to be able to send anything you want to them.

You can use keywords for when you are trying to promote an additional business or want a specific response to be sent out when they enter said keyword.

Ava basic is awesome and can help you get those awesome 100$ commissions and contact your leads from your back office.You get 2 links and a number to promote and earn.  But Ava plus is where you want to be! You can collect juicy 500 and 750$ commissions along with the 100$ ones as well as have a TON of other added bonuses like being able to broadcast text to all leads, create 20 of your own custom textbots with any messaging sequence that you would like and also be able to change the voice on the bots!

You can choose any one of the 2 links. Both of the links are programmed to have the same end result but just with 2 different presentation styles. So you can go over both links and promote the link you like better !

No.  We have removed that element from our compensation plan.  You no longer pass up your 2nd sale. Everyone keeps 100% of ALL of their front-end sales.

You can always contact our support via email at [email protected] or submit an inquiry from our website. We are very prompt in replying to our members. 

That space is used to enter links to the website you use to promote any additional businesses you might be involved in.

We do not list the sponsor’s information in the back office but you can always contact support for information if you wish to know whom you signed up under or for information on how to contact them.

On the dashboard right below where it shows Usage Credit Balance you will see a blue tab called View Credit Usage Log which will show you a breakdown of how your usage is getting used up.